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Summer 2023

Infrastructure in Florabel

As you know, the first quarter of this year was just all about water. You could say that “Cry Me a River” by Julie London in 1956, a very good year by the way, was the theme of January-March. Or…

The Laws of Flaws in Wine

OxidationThis one is easy. Too much air mixing with the wine at the wrong times. You’ll get a musty smell  like wet cardboard. To familiarize  yourself with this, let your next Amazon order that arrives in a cardboard box linger…

Paso Robles: Boundless Diversity

Eric Guido of Vinous scored Sixmilebridge reds high! "Frankly, I was stunned by these wines' clarity and regal tannic structures, which reflect a more Old World style. This is yet another feather in Anthony Yount’s hat."
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Tannins Make the Wines Go Round

Tannins in wine come from the skins, stems and the seeds of the grapes; and also the wood barrels used during aging. Ok, they can also come from wood chips and tannin powder…this reminds me of lyrics from Elton John’s…

Spring 2023

As we spring into a new season, it’s incredible to see the vineyard coming to life. We haven’t drowned in Paso quite yet, although the team agrees…we came close. We didn’t want to change the world, but one of these…

Budding Botanist

If you have visited our tasting room, particularly in the Spring, you know we have an abundance of different trees, flora and fauna. In fact, we have over 60 different species on the property. And no, we aren’t counting the…

A Quick Overview Of The 2022 Vintage

removing a bung from barrel

Most of us wine enthusiasts have heard the phrase “winemaker’s vintage.” This term has been getting a lot of play lately in Paso Robles when describing the 2022 growing season and vintage. The best way to understand the term is…