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The Laws of Flaws in Wine

OxidationThis one is easy. Too much air mixing with the wine at the wrong times. You’ll get a musty smell  like wet cardboard. To familiarize  yourself with this, let your next Amazon order that arrives in a cardboard box linger…

Tannins Make the Wines Go Round

Tannins in wine come from the skins, stems and the seeds of the grapes; and also the wood barrels used during aging. Ok, they can also come from wood chips and tannin powder…this reminds me of lyrics from Elton John’s…

Swirl and Sip

Do you see folks effortlessly swirling their wine and seemingly paying no attention to the glass? Do you think they are just showing off? Maybe you try imitating them, but aren’t really sure why they and you are swirling your glasses.

Wine Geese of Ireland

Did you know the Irish invented the first guided missile, called the Brennan torpedo after its inventor, Louis Brennan? Btw, Oscar Wilde certainly fired a few guided missiles with the tip of his pen. Yet when it comes to wine, I don’t think Ireland readily comes to mind. But maybe it should…

Watering Down A Hangover

Another myth busted: Drinking water doesn’t prevent a hangover. According to molecular biologist Patrick Schmitt the anti-hangover recipe of drinking a bathtub full of water before bed won’t save your bacon in the morning.

Raise Your Glass of Bubbles

Wine labeled “Champagne” must be produced in the eastern part of France known as Champagne. Sparkling winemakers from this region have spent vineyards of money trying to protect and defend this designation. And, to a great deal, they have succeeded.

Chilling Your Wine

Summer is nearly upon us and that means warmer temperatures are on the horizon. To combat the heat it’s hard to improve upon a chilled-to-perfection glass of Sixmilebridge Sauvignon Blanc or Rosé. Of course, that begs the question: What is the perfect temperature and how do I reach it?

Cork Taint

If you have enjoyed drinking wine for a long time, it’s almost a certainty that you have encountered a “corked” wine. Btw, a corked wine is not a wine with bits of cork floating around in it.