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Harvest 2023

crosby stills and nash

By this time last year, the whole estate had been picked and grapes were happily fermenting in the cellar. With the way harvest has gone so far, it brings to mind a song by Crosby, Stills and Nash, “It’s Been…

Summer 2023

Infrastructure in Florabel

As you know, the first quarter of this year was just all about water. You could say that “Cry Me a River” by Julie London in 1956, a very good year by the way, was the theme of January-March. Or…

Spring 2023

As we spring into a new season, it’s incredible to see the vineyard coming to life. We haven’t drowned in Paso quite yet, although the team agrees…we came close. We didn’t want to change the world, but one of these…

A Quick Overview Of The 2022 Vintage

removing a bung from barrel

Most of us wine enthusiasts have heard the phrase “winemaker’s vintage.” This term has been getting a lot of play lately in Paso Robles when describing the 2022 growing season and vintage. The best way to understand the term is…

Harvest 2022

Dumping grapes into picking bin

The Sixmilebridge estate had a good growing season through August. While we did not get much rainfall in January through March, our temperatures did not spike much either on the low end or high end. We had comparatively warmer weather…

Summer 2022

Summer in Paso Robles means hot days, cool nights, and fruit development in the vineyards! Closing out 2021, we were experiencing one of the wettest winters in recent memory. With this great start to our rainy season, hopes were high.…

Spring 2022

Spring has sprung for the seventh time at Sixmilebridge! As we usher in the new season, the estate teems with life. Seen from a distance, a vineyard looks much the same year after year. Upon closer inspection, growth is evident…

The 2020 Growing Season

Rain and California aren’t always synonymous, but what is considered our “wet” season is starting to wrap up. January and February under-performed significantly, but March and April made good strides in the right direction!