Mawr Bear & Maidie

Meet the dynamic duo of basset hound puppies who steal hearts wherever they go.

Mawr, the larger and more easygoing of the two, boasts a tri-color coat adorned with patches of white, black, and tan, perfectly reflecting his laid-back nature. From the moment he took his first wobbly steps, Mawr displayed an insatiable curiosity to follow in his sister’s shadow.

Maidie, however, is the epitome of regal grace and mischievous charm with her matching tri-colored coat. She exudes an air of royalty that commands attention wherever she goes. From the earliest age, Maidie showed a flair for drama and a mischievous streak that kept everyone on their toes. Jim fondly refers to her as “Princess Margaret”.

While Mawr may be the steady anchor, Maidie is the spirited princess who leads them on daring escapades, always eager to discover new treasures and mischief around every corner.

As they grow, Mawr and Maidie continue to captivate all who encounter them with their irresistible charm and unwavering devotion to each other. Together, they embody the magic of friendship and the joy of embracing life’s adventures with a playful spirit.