Lindsay Peugh

Lindsay grew up in the Bay Area with her two brothers, Stewart and Spencer. She is smack dab in middle. Most summers were spent either on the shores of Clear Lake or wandering the Sierra Nevada mountain range; specifically around the Lake Tahoe basin.

Lindsay’s loyal sidekick of 8 years is her dog, Sequoia. She is named after the Giant Sequoia redwoods that her red fur matches perfectly. An avid explorer, hiker, and camper, you can be sure that in her spare time she’s scheming her next trip to the mountains.

An Ag. Business Marketing graduate of Cal Poly, SLO, Lindsay stepped into the world of wine as a tasting room educator in 2011. Since then, she’s come to know the passion and grit it takes to bring wine into its final form and looks forward to chasing the exciting experience of wine with us here at Sixmilebridge.