Chilling Your Wine

Up Go the Temps…Out Comes Rosé and White Wines

Summer is nearly upon us and that means warmer temperatures are on the horizon. To combat the heat it’s hard to improve upon a chilled-to-perfection glass of Sixmilebridge Sauvignon Blanc or Rosé.

Of course, that begs the question:

What is the perfect temperature and how do I reach it?

I’d recommend shooting for a range between 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on which Sixmilebridge wine you are getting ready to enjoy).

The simplest way to serve your Sauvignon Blanc or Rosé: Pop the bottle in your refrigerator! 

Recognize that it takes a room temp bottle of wine approximately 3 hours to cool down to 42 degrees. As long as you’re indoors, plan on a 10 minute “warm up” for Rosé (around 46 degrees), while the Sauvignon Blanc needs about 30 minutes (ideal enjoyment reached at 54℉).

Of course, not all of us plan three hours in advance. Here’s some handy tips and tricks to achieve a chilled bottle in a crunch.

Option One: Chill with a cold compress.

Wet a towel with cool water, wrap it around the bottle and refrigerate 30 minutes before serving. At the 30 minute mark, it will be at 46 degrees, making it Rose ready. We do recommend removing the towel.

Sauvignon Blanc
Place the wrapped bottle in the refrigerator 60 minutes before you plan to imbibe. At the 30 minute mark, remove the bottle, take off the towel and let it sit for an additional 30 minutes. It will then be about 55 degrees and ready to serve.

Option Two: No refrigerator around?

Choose a bowl or bucket that will allow a bottle to be immersed. Using this container, dissolve salt in water. Add the bottle and plenty of ice. Rotate the bottle occasionally for up to 30 minutes.

(Btw, as you probably know, salt lowers water’s freezing point and thereby chills your wine faster.)

When removing your bottles from their ice bath, follow the “resting” period, as above, to allow the wines to reach ideal serving temperature.

Really in a Hurry?

Prepare your ice bath and warm up your arm! Continuously rotate the bottle for five full minutes. It should drop to 45 degrees this quickly. However, don’t underestimate the fatigue associated with this choice. But, if your guests are due in five minutes and it’s hot outside this the best bet for a perfectly chilled bottle.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


Jim & Barbara Moroney