Jim & Barbara Moroney

It was the mid-1970s when Jim said to Barbara: “One of these days the company I work for is going to make me retire. When they do, I want us to start a winery.” The two Dallas-born Stanford students were in love. They spent many college weekends exploring the Napa Valley and tasting and learning about Cabernet Sauvignons and Bordeaux-style blends.

The intervening 40 years were full of raising five children, but when they had spare time,  they visited wineries all over the world. On a visit to Cambria in 2010, they made a wine-tasting detour to Paso Robles. They saw breathtaking rolling hills and vineyards and said, “This is where we want to build our winery.” They planted vines in 2013 focusing on red and white Bordeaux varietals.  2016 was their first vintage.